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New Las Vegas charter school set to open in August 2022
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Frequently Asked Questions


When will Sage Collegiate open and what grades will you serve?

We will open in August 2022 with Kindergarten through 5th grade. We will add one grade level each year until we are at capacity with 8th grade.


When is the first day of school?

Our first day of school in the 2022-23 school year is August 8. This aligns with the local district, and we will provide many more details during our Home Visits and Family Orientations.


Will you serve all students, regardless of disability or need?

Yes, absolutely. We educate all students, and we anticipate our population of students in

Special Education to parallel CCSD’s, which is about 10-12%.


Is there an entrance exam?

No. Any child in Nevada is eligible to enroll in Sage Collegiate. If we have more students who wish to enroll than seats, we will have a public lottery each March.


How do I enroll my child?

Our registration for the lottery closed on Feb. 10th. You can still complete the information on the 'Register Now' button at the top of the page, but we will not process any more registrations until AFTER our lottery on Feb. 24th. If you completed the information after Feb. 10th, your child will not be entered into the lottery. We will let you know of your child's enrollment status after Feb. 24th. Open enrollment and our waitlists will begin after the lottery.

If you have any questions, please contact our Family & Community Engagement Manager at mcyr@sagecollegiate.org.


Where will you be located?

We will be located at 4100 W. Charleston Blvd, 89107. The site is the soon-to-be-former Elks Lodge.

The existing building will undergo interior renovations through the spring and early summer of 2022, We ask that families not disturb the Elks Lodge during its operations nor go on the property during renovations. We will offer tours in the summer of 2022, and we will notify families when tours are offered.


What is a charter school?

A charter school is a tuition-free, public school authorized by a governing body. We are

authorized by the State Public Charter School Authority.


Do you charge tuition?

NO! Charter Schools are public schools. They are open to all students, and there are no tuition and no fees to apply. We believe all children deserve a high-quality education, and

we aim to provide that to students in Las Vegas.


Will students wear uniforms?

Yes! We have a student dress code, which we call student professional dress attire. Students will a school polo in either light green purple and khaki or black pants/shorts/skirts. Our uniform policy is available on our school website, and we will share information on where to purchase closer to the start of the school year. Teachers and staff also adhere to a strict professional attire to model professional dress and lead by example.


What is the schedule?

We have an extended school day and extended school year. Our school day is 7:30 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.